08 January 2014

Villains for Development Team Names

When coming up with a team name for our development team, I feel super hero names are okay, but super villain names are much better. 

Here is a collection of them across media type:

DC Comics Marvel Comics Anime / Manga TV
100 Acolytes ACROSS Beagle Babes
2000 Committee A.I.M Akatsuki Beagle Boys
Academy of Arch-Villains Alliance of Evil The L.O.E.V.(The League of Evil Villains) Beagle Brats
The Ani-Men Assembly of Evil Arrancar Bio-Borgs
Anti-Justice League Batroc's Brigade Baroque Works Blockheads
Anti-Superman Gang Brotherhood of Evil Mutants The Band of Seven Council of Doom
Aryan Brigade Children of the Vault Blackbeard Pirates Darkling Lords
Assassination Bureau Circus of Crime Chess Pieces Decepticons
Awesome Threesome Crazy Gang Four Saint Beasts E.V.I.L
Axis Amerika Dark Riders Galactor Evil Horde
Basilisk (comics) Death-Throws Gung-Ho Guns F.E.A.R.
Batman Revenge Squad Enforcers Homunculi Fearsome Five
Black Dragon Society (comics) Externals I-Jin F.O.W.L.
Black Zero Factor Three Lamia and Lemures Gangreen Gang
Blue Trinity Fearsome Foursome Millennium Guild of Calamitous Intent
Body Doubles Femizons Millennium Earl and the Noah Family Justice Lords
Brotherhood of Dada Folding Circle Noah's Ark Circus KAOS
Brotherhood of Evil Freedom Force Oniwabanshu The League of Villains
Cadre Frightful Four Organization XIII Legion of Doom
Cannon and Saber Gene Nation P.L.O.O.P. The Meta-Breed
Children of Ares The Hand Red Ribbon Army Misfits
The Circle Hellfire Club Russo family The Really Rottens
Coalition of Crime Hellions Sensui Seven The Trio of Destruction (Blackle Evil, El Diablo and Drak Bad A. Boom)
Cold Warriors Heralds of Galactus Shadow Riders M.A.D.
The Conglomerate Horsemen of Apocalypse The Six Comrades Rowdyruff Boys
The Council HYDRA Team Rocket Shadow Warriors
Crime Champions Legion of the Unliving Team Aqua and Magma Stingers
Crime Syndicate of America Lethal Legion Team Galactic V.E.N.O.M.
Cult of the Unwritten Book Maggia Team Plasma League of Super Evil
Dark Arcana Marauders Ten Swords L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N
Dark Circle Masters of Evil Yellow Scarves Warlords
Dark Nemesis Morlocks Video gaming[edit]
Darklight Mutant Liberation Front Foxhound
Darkseid's Elite Nasty Boys Koopa Troop
Deep Six Neo Umbrella Corporation
Demolition Team New Enforcers Shadaloo
Demons Three Omega Flight Other[edit]
The Diablos Pacific Overlords Arachnoids
Double Dare Psionex Arachnos
Extremists Reedemers Carnival of Shadows
Fatal Five Resistants Circle of Thorns
Fearsome Five Revengers Clockwork
Female Furies Rising Sons Council
Flamesplasher Salem's Seven Dark Side Elite
Forgotten Villains Savage Land Mutates Evil League of Evil
Fourth Reich Serpent Society Sith Lords
The Gang Sinister Six SPECTRE
Gas Gang U-Foes Team Snagem
H.I.V.E. Upstarts E.L.O.C.E.B.A.S.
Hammer and Sickle Wrecking Crew Black Order
Hangmen Zodiac
Hybrid Independent[edit]
Hyperclan Cobra Command
The Hypothetical Army Foot Clan
Injustice Gang
Injustice League
Injustice Society
The Insiders
Killer Elite
Lawless League
League Busters
League of Ancients
League of Assassins
League of Challenge-Haters
League of Super-Assassins
Legion of Doom
Legion of Super-Villains
Legion of the Weird
Luck League
Mankind Liberation Front
Masters of Disaster
Missile Men
Monster League of Evil
Monster Society of Evil
The Morrígan
New Gods of Apokolips
New Olympians
Nuclear Family
Nuclear Legion
Phantom Zone Villains
The Plastic Gang
Point Men
Power Posse
Rainbow Raiders
The Ravens
Robot Renegades
The Robots of Terror
Royal Flush Gang
The Second-String Metal Men
Secret Six
Secret Society of Super Villains
Sinestro Corps
Sizematic Twins
Strike Force Kobra
Suicide Squad
Super Foes
Superior Five
Superman Revenge Squad
Tartarus (DC Comics)
Terrible Trio
Terror Titans
THEM! (comics)
Time Foes
Time Stealers
Titans East
Titans of Myth
Trigger Twins
Twelve Brothers in Silk
Villainy Inc.
Wildebeest Society

thanks to wikipedia, of course.

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