09 August 2012

How to enable Windows 8's Full Keyboard Layout

Here is how to configure a full keyboard layout setting for wundows 8; including Alt, Ctrl, Start and all your favorite buttons. Somehow it doesn't seem as obvious as it should be:

Click image for larger version

Select show standard keyboard and you get this

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  1. In the accessibility options, you can make Windows + Volume Up (the hardware switch, not from the keyboard) pop up an on-screen keyboard. It's quite different, but it gives you the ability to resize it as much as you want, and the options give you access to some extended movement buttons. That enables an option to pin the accessibility keyboard to the bottom of the screen, and to switch it to a one-key-high navigation strip. It has tab, enter, up, down, left, right, pgup, pgdn, and a few others.


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