16 January 2009

dinner party download: ice breakers 14

A disheveled looking man walks into a bar and orders a drink.

Bartender: I'm sorry sir, but ah, I don't think you can afford it.

Disheveled Man: Well, if I show you something you've never seen before, will you give me a drink?

Bartender: Sure.

So the man pulls out a box - in it is a little hamster.  The hamster runs down the end of the bar, gets up on the piano and starts doing Gershwin tunes.

Bartender: Wow, that's amazing. I have never seen anything like that.

Disheveled Man: If I show you another thing, will you give me another drink?

Bartender: Of course!

So he pulls out a frog out of the box, and the frog starts singing along.

Another guy sees this down at the end of the bar, and he runs up to the disheveled homeless-looking man and says: I'll give you $300 for that frog.

Disheveled Man: Sure, it's a deal.

He hands him the frog and the guy walks out.

Bartender (incredulously): You just sold a million dollar act for three hundred dollars!

Disheveled Man: Relax, the hamster is a ventriloquist.

- Jed Mayhew, dinner party download, episode 14.

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