03 June 2009

Once upon a time, a Sharepoint site quota snuck up on you. Users complained, Admins panicked, and no one could upload or make changes to their sites. After a couple of frustrated attempts to adjust a Quota Template (seemingly obvious answer), the admin realizes this path is in vain. Recycling the app pool, or even worse, the server does nothing to appease the angered users. Fear not, there is hope: these are the steps to change the effective site quota for a site in flight:

  1. Open Central Admin
  2. Open Application Management
  3. Under SharePoint site management go to site collection quotas and locks - the breadcrumb trail should now read:
    Central Administration > Application Management > Site Collection Quotas and Locks
  4. Select a Site Collection (if you are editing a subsite, click the dropdown and select the Site Collection, even if it is already on the target site collection you are having a problem with)
  5. (if you are editing a subsite quota) find the subsite URL or user’s personal site, and select it
  6. (if you are editing a subsite) the Site Collection box should read e.g. http://my/personal/username
  7. Under Site Quota Information at the bottom of the page, click the Current Quota Template dropdown to the right and select Individual Quota.
  8. Adjust the effective quota to the desired limit and warning values. The changes take effect immediately. Verify effective quota by viewing the site's Site Settings > Storage Space Allocation e.g. http://my/personal/username/_layouts/storman.aspx

Applies to Sharepoint 2007.

Adapted from user gmagerr http://www.sharepointblogs.com/forums/t/13739.aspx

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