07 June 2009

After arm wrestling the 64 bit version of MOSS 2007 + Windows 2008 x64 + Visual Studio 2008 x64 (and Visual Studio 2010 Beta 1 x64) , and LOSING - I was cornered into SharePoint Designer for development of workflows.

Now, I know the inefficiency I'm invoking by doing this - instance creation versus template creation! But deadlines beg, you know. So how pleased am I that when I eventually get my x86 (ow, what year is it? I think I've been writing for x86 platforms for something like 20+years, yikes) VM dev instance in HyperV up and running, I'll be able to reuse/import the SPD built workflow logic into Visual Studio.

Warning, there is excessive winking in this blog entry:


The other nugget of the day is that I think I'll write up my findings of first release of Google Chrome for Mac OSX and the SharePoint experience. Chrome is built on webkit rendering, similar to Safari, so I imagine its pretty much a similar look & feel - but Chrome is supposedly faster. Maybe Microsoft will give even test for Chrome in Office 14 / SharePoint 10 and bestow the official "level 2" browser support.

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