20 February 2009

WORLD CUP 2010 ticket lottery sign up available now!

Individual world cup 2010 matches I signed up for:

Match 59 - QF - W52 v W51 - 3 July 16:00 Green Point Stadium- Category 1
Quantity 2 - Price $ 600.00

Match 61 - SF- W58 v W57 - 6 July 20:30 Green Point Stadium- Category 2
Quantity 2 - Price $ 800.00

Match 64 - Final - 11 July 20:30 Soccer City Stadium- Category 3
Quantity 2 - Price $ 800.00

One choice is to plan this ourselves or do let a tour operator do this, but tickets are done by lottery for them as well, so there is no guarantee that they get a ticket to the final, for example.  So I think try to get a lottery ticket, if we don't succeed, then turn to a tour operator who may have tickets.  Don't know what pricing/surcharge tour operators are in comparison to doing it ourselves.  3 million tourists over this month though, so I'm betting there will be lots to do and lots of big signs everywhere.

I'm setting between 5 or 10k for the overall trip cost; 3k for sports tickets, 2k for r/t airfare, then the rest for whatever fun comes along

possible agenda:
week 1: ~30 june arrive in cape town, rent car, explore cape town, table mountain, wine country, etc + see two games (QF & SF)  3 july & 6 july.
7 july travel across south africa by train (maybe on the luxurious blue train) or airplane - to Pretroria
week 2: experience jo'burg, see final 11 july, fly out of from jo'burg ~13 july

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