28 June 2008

This is how much 15,811,000 US single men spend on average according to the government in 2006.   Also I include stats for 2,923,000 san francisco 'consumer units' and the 118,843,000 US consumer units.  I think I'll do a chart of this data after I make sense of it.  I'm thinking one chart will say why SF is a spend-a-lot area versus the US average and the other chart will compare something and US single men.  I don't know what the something is yet - maybe over time?  don't know. 

Food away from home includes all meals (breakfast and brunch, lunch, dinner and snacks and nonalcoholic beverages) including tips at fast food, take-out, delivery, concession stands, buffet and cafeteria, at full-service restaurants, and at vending machines and mobile vendors. Also included are board (including at school), meals as pay, special catered affairs, such as weddings, bar mitzvahs, and confirmations, school lunches, and meals away from home on trips.
1 man avg: 1,880
US avg: 2,694
SF: 3,769

Alcoholic beverages includes beer and ale, wine, whiskey, gin, vodka, rum, and other alcoholic beverages.

1 man avg: 552
US avg: 497
SF: 757

Entertainment (total)
1 man avg: 1626
US avg: 2,376
SF: 3,080

Entertainment Fees and admissions includes fees for participant sports; admissions to sporting events, movies, concerts, and plays; health, swimming, tennis and country club memberships; fees for other social, recreational, and fraternal organizations; recreational lessons or instruction; rental of movies, and recreation expenses on trips.
1 man avg:417
US avg: 606

Entertainment Other entertainment equipment and services includes indoor exercise equipment, athletic shoes, bicycles, trailers, purchase and rental of motorized campers and other recreational vehicles, camping equipment, hunting and fishing equipment, sports equipment (winter, water, and other), boats, boat motors and boat trailers, rental of boats, landing and docking fees, rental and repair of sports equipment, photographic equipment and supplies (film and film processing), photographer fees, repair and rental of photo equipment, fireworks, and pinball and electronic video games.

1 man avg: 339
US avg: 451

Other household expenses includes housekeeping services, gardening and lawn care services, coin-operated laundry and dry-cleaning (non-clothing), termite and pest control products and services, home security systems service fees, moving, storage, and freight expenses, repair of household appliances and other household equipment, repair of computer systems for home use, computer information services, reupholstering and furniture repair, rental and repair of lawn and gardening tools, and rental of other household equipment.

US avg: 555

Personal services includes baby-sitting; day care, nursery school, and preschool tuition; care of the elderly, invalids and handicapped; adult day care; and domestic and other duties.


US avg:393

Household furnishings and equipment (total)

1 man avg: 972

US avg: 1,708

SF: 2,414

Household furnishings and equipment 
Miscellaneous household equipment includes typewriters, luggage, lamps and light fixtures, window coverings, clocks, lawnmowers and gardening equipment, other hand and power tools, telephone answering devices, telephones and accessories, computers and computer hardware for home use, computer software and accessories for home use, calculators, business equipment for home use, floral arrangements and house plants, rental of furniture, closet and storage items, other household decorative items, infants' equipment, outdoor equipment, smoke alarms, other household appliances, and other small miscellaneous furnishings.

1 man avg: 460

US avg: 693

Personal care products and services includes products for the hair, oral hygiene products, shaving needs, cosmetics and bath products, electric personal care appliances, other personal care products, and personal care services for males and females.

: 193

US avg: 585

SF: 734

by age http://www.bls.gov/cex/2006/CrossTabs/singlesbyage/malesage.PDF
by income http://www.bls.gov/cex/2006/CrossTabs/singlesbyinc/malesinc.PDF
SF & other big western cities 


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